There are chances that the engine of your Mitsubishi Outlander stops while you are driving. This is obviously a compromising situation to which we must absolutely try to respond as quickly as possible.
The purpose of this article is simply to help you see more clearly about the potential breakdowns that cause your Mitsubishi Outlander to stall while driving, and to identify them. We are going to try to show you the different causes that could give you trouble on your Mitsubishi Outlander.

Different factors that cause your Mitsubishi Outlander to stall while driving

First thing, inspect the pressure regulator. This precious part is intended to regulate the fuel pressure. However it sometimes happens that it has malfunctions and that therefore it cuts the engine and you start to stall while driving.
Another essential part, which can often be the source of engine stoppage, is the injection. Otherwise, a faulty pump or boom may also be responsible for stopping the motor. Be aware that many parts are connected to the engine. Another important point, Another important point to mention, a pressure sensor whose information emitted would be false can put the whole system out of order and therefore stall while driving your Mitsubishi Outlander.
In addition, it will also be necessary to remember to check the fuel pump. Just imagine if your engine no longer receives fuel, as a result there is no more combustion and it is not able to supply the car with energy. This fuel pump can therefore potentially be damaged and no longer carry out its main mission on your Mitsubishi Outlander.
Try to proceed by elimination in order to determine more precisely your possible breakdown which causes your car to stall while driving.
Next problem that we are going to address, a story of a wire that would be disconnected and which could possibly touch your bodywork. In this case, there would be a shutdown of the system which would shut down for safety. In this situation, it is easier to find the source because the bodywork of your Mitsubishi Outlander would be damaged by the electric current.
Another breakdown that can also happen on your car, it is likely that your neiman contactor is defective. Are you wondering what it is? Simply the anti-theft mechanism that blocks the steering wheel to protect thieves. In this situation, it is very easy to identify it, your steering wheel will be blocked.

Electronic components of your Mitsubishi Outlander

Following our potential problems, it is also possible that your breakdown comes from an electronic problem. On your electronic circuits, it would be enough that a part is damaged and that the current passes badly, that will have incidences on the whole of the mechanism. Here is a simple example: the computer, which is an essential part of electronic circuits, will stall and may impact the engine of your Mitsubishi Outlander, resulting in a stalling car.
In connection with the computers of your Mitsubishi Outlander, your BSI box, which precisely allows your famous computers to exchange information, can probably be the cause because, as explained above, these parts are essential. It is enough that this is touched a minimum to have repercussions on the engine and so that it is cut.
Keep this in mind, it is recommended that you do not go it alone if you want to modify this part on your Mitsubishi Outlander, because it is truly unique to each car. A professional can guide you more precisely to do this very specific task.
Before all this, also think about alternator. It is one of the parts that project electricity into your vehicle and therefore if it was no longer functional, you still end up with unpowered parts such as the computer, again that one. However, if it was not coming from the alternator, the battery could be the cause. It powers your Mitsubishi Outlander and therefore in the event of a breakdown this would result in the same consequences, your Mitsubishi Outlander would stall while driving.
If, however, you were in a situation where your Mitsubishi Outlander stalls rather than stationary, we are in a different situation. You have to think of another part, called the EGR valve. This simply allows the exhaust gases to escape. It is also possible that it is simply clogged and that the evacuation does not take place correctly. In this case, you can simply check it because it will give off more opaque smoke than usual.
Here is the end of this article, hoping that some information has helped you, to finish keep in mind that it is important to find out about how your Mitsubishi Outlander works precisely, to better understand the subject, but don't don't be too aggressive with home repairs you're not sure about.