You think you have a injection failure on your Lexus Rx ? So before going to your mechanic, you are looking for information. For example to know which elements it should to change et how much that should you cost .

But also and above all the risks to drive with an injection failure on Lexus Rx. It is for this reason that in this article we will begin to briefly explain to you the operation of the injection system . This will give you the opportunity to understand which rooms can be impacted.

In a second step we will tell you the symptoms of this kind of failure so that you may or may not check your suspicions. And so know if he is dangerous to drive your car. And finally we will give you a range of price for the changement of various parts of the injection system for a Lexus Rx.

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Understanding how the injection system works on Lexus Rx:

To analyze an injection failure on Lexus Rx, it is essential to know how the injection system works as a whole.

Your engine must receive a mixture of air and fuel within combustion chambers in order to operate.
This is then the role of the injection. This mechanism consists of route gasoline since tank of your Lexus Rx, until engine .

This is possible thanks to the fuel pump . The fuel will be at the same time filtered to prevent dirt from inside the tank foul engine. The gasoline will subsequently be distributed under pressure in the common rail with the injection pump .

And finally each injectors integrated on cylinder engine, will vaporize the mixture in the combustion chambers. These will have the mission of providing the amount precise required fuel and under high pressure in order to maximize combustion .

to summarize : The injection system is made up of numerous particles, such as fuel pump , oil filter , injection pump , hoses , injectors but also their joints … So you will have noticed that an injection failure can be caused by different particles in the injection system. It is therefore essential analyze the symptoms to bring repairs suitable for your Lexus Rx.

Symptoms of an injector failure on Lexus Rx:

The injection system operates under high pressure and with fuel. So when maintenance of your Lexus Rx is not carried out, sometimes breakdowns can quickly occur. In order to help you understand, we have listed various symptoms related to an injection failure on a Lexus Rx:

  • Personalized power losses et sensation of hole during acceleration :
    • As soon as a single injector is defective and no longer sends enough fuel to the cylinder, this will create a imbalance in terms of engine rhythm. So you should notice inconsistencies as soon as you press the accelerator pedal even a feeling of jerk.
  • Slamming injectors:
    • In case, the Fuel Filter is not changed in time, it may end up salir the system and seize the injectors. As a result, the vaporization of the mixture will no longer be done correctly and may generate a clicking sound.
  • You may at the same time notice a overconsumption of gasoline :
    • Indeed, an injection failure can also come from a fuite at the level of joints injectors. As these undergo a lot of pressure, it happens as the joints tire and are no longer watertight.
    • This leak may at the same time alert you with a strong smell of gasoline in your Lexus Rx.
    • And also tasks of fuel in the front of your automobile after parking.
  • Partial combustion may create black smoke:
    • If combustion no longer takes place correctly, the fuel is not completely consumed. So the fine dirt will come out through the exhaust of your Lexus Rx.

The risks of an injection failure on Lexus Rx:

As soon as you experience a breakdown in the injection, you expose yourself to various problems which are not to be taken lightly.

For example, in the event that an injector malfunctions and no longer provides fuel you should have difficulty in démarrer your Lexus Rx. But also, in case you persist, it will to damage the other injectors and the engine . Therefore, you should amplify the cost of repairs.

In the case of a fuite fuel. Beyond the high consumption of fuel, gasoline is a flammable . So when the leak spreads fluid all over your engine, which works when it's hot, it's more risk . Therefore, if you think of this kind of malfunction, you are strongly advised to go to a mechanic without delay.

The prices to repair an injection fault on Lexus Rx:

As stated above, an injection failure remains vague. It is essential to carry out a diagnostic complete on your Lexus Rx in order to locate the malfunctioning part. Also, we now inform you of the average cost for to change an injector or do it réparer . Because these are the parts most frequently affected in this kind of problem.

Price for your injector change on Lexus Rx:

The prices for changing an injector are quite high. But normally this is not a wearing part that you will have to change often. About his longevity is estimated at NEVER NOW km.

We will have to prepare between 200 and 300 euros for changing an injector. In detail, this should include 90 euros of labor , although it will depend on the sign and the engine located on your Lexus Rx. the mechanic may recommend you based on the wear of the other injectors of change the 4 also.

Prices for cleaning injectors on Lexus Rx:

Before changing a faulty injector, you can try to make a cleaning curative. It is possible to find injection system cleaning packages between 70 and 100 euros according to the brands.

To finish: An injection failure on Lexus Rx is not to be left lying around. We quickly recommend that you make an appointment with a mechanic to confirm your diagnostic and realize the repairs suitable for your vehicle.