You must replace your car's clutch , so you would like to know beforehand the cost of a clutch replacement for a Mercedes E-Class 5 ? You should know that this repair is complex et takes time , thereby prices can quickly get high. We will give you first of all the price range that will have to be planned. Second, we will explain to you the causes for which the cost of clutch repairs is essential. Then we will inform you when there is recommended to change it. But also the risk of not doing this replacement on your Mercedes E-Class 5.

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The prices for the replacement of a clutch kit on Mercedes E-Class 5:

The average price of a clutch change on Mercedes E-Class 5:

The prices of a clutch replacement change according to the automotive brand in which you perform the repairs. So we you recommend beforehand, to make quotes in several garages . This will give you the opportunity to have the choice and choose the best value for money. In any case, this will will be a certain price . It will be necessary to plan between 600 and 1000 euros. This includes the new parts which will cost between 200 and 400 euros. And for the workforce , it is necessary to at least provide between 400 and 600 euros. This will cover expertise but also the time spent.

Why are the prices for a clutch replacement so expensive on a Mercedes E-Class 5?

The clutch: a complex mechanism

First of all, it is necessary to know that the clutch is your mechanism which consists of various parts . So this shows that the clutch replacement on a Mercedes E-Class 5 includes replacement of a certain quantity of parts .

Usually we will talk a clutch kit . The latter must include at least the clutch release bearing , Clutch disc and diaphragm spring. Ce are the clutch components here deteriorate faster and are constrained at most pressure .

Then according to the age of your vehicle , your mechanic may at the same time recommend you to replace the flywheel . This last one is joint to the clutch disc , so wears out in parallel. But also various parts of the gearbox .

Access to the clutch requires time:

In addition, it will be necessary to keep in mind that for change the clutch of your Mercedes E-Class 5, it will take remove the gearbox. However this one is fragile et composed of various parts that he is not easy de disassemble . Therefore, the reparation takes some time, and so is expensive in labor . It will take have on average more labor costs that replacement items. This is due to the complexity of the task.

However, we strongly advise against to try to make the replacement by your own means . Again this procedure is complex et requires a certain level of mechanical expertise . A procedural error could very easily damage the elements around who are the engine and gearbox.

When should you change the clutch of a Mercedes E-Class 5?

The average longevity of a clutch on a Mercedes E-Class 5:

The clutch is not a wearing part such as filters, oil, or brake pads ... Even if the clutch is solicited at each gear change , thus constantly, the clutch life is usually between 150 and 0000 kilometers .

But for this it is important that you adopt an appropriate behavior. This goes through smooth gear changes and not to take the reflex of keeping your foot on the clutch pedal when you don't have to change speed . Which implies for the longevity of your automobile which you will only have to replace it once or even twice at most.

Signs of a worn clutch on Mercedes E-Class 5:

All the same if you notice noises coming from the clutch such as hissing, crackling or others. Or if your clutch pedal gets strangely hard or conversely soft. Even if ever she stay on the floor . So go quickly to your trusted garage even if ever your Mercedes E-Class 5 has not driven 150 kilometers.

The risks of a faulty clutch on Mercedes E-Class 5:

As we have detailed above, the clutch is the central part between the transmission and the engine. So if you wait too long, you may damage other parts here cost also very expensive to repair.

But what is more problematic, is that if ever the clutch mechanism locks you will no longer be able shift gears to change engine speed . Or that the engine speed is no longer transmitted to the wheels . So you eventually risk the immobilization of the automobile if you ever don't repairs on time .

In summary: when your cars reach the 150 000 km or if you notice hissing or crackling at the time to engage, then it would be essential to do monitor your clutch. It is a mechanism that is expensive to replace . This is mainly due to the complexity and labor time required . However, for keep your Mercedes E-Class 5 in good condition and for example your engine but also the gearbox , it is very important to make these repairs on time.