The airbag warning light on your Volkswagen Caddy stays on after starting the vehicle. Now you don't know what that means and if it is risky to ride in these conditions . Indeed the airbag is an essential security element on cars so when a indicator light is displayed one can wonder if the airbag still works or if he is désactivé . Do not worry, on this article we will tell you why the light is activated on your console . Then we will give you procedures to deactivate the airbag warning light on your Volkswagen Caddy.


What is the use of the airbag warning light on Volkswagen Caddy?

This indicator light is represented by a person seated and belted on a seat with a solid circle for the airbag . Warning light activates in order to to alert when you have a malfunction about the airbag mechanism and therefore informs you that the airbags are deactivated . This lights up when the calculating provides him with some data.

Le airbag control unit is located close to the steering wheel . And must activate airbag deployment very quickly as soon as your vehicle detects a collision at a high speed . This is made possible by impact sensors located outside your vehicle.

The purpose of an airbag is to limit the forward movement of passengers et avoid impact with a hard element such as the dashboard ... So it's an essential element of security inside your Volkswagen Caddy. You should know however that it is not mandatory equipment and that some ranges offer this component optional . However when it is a feature fitted to your vehicle, then the active airbag warning light may be a reason for a counter visit when you do technical control of your vehicle.

How does an airbag work on Volkswagen Caddy?

To be able to activate at the right time, the airbag mechanism is associated with sensors and the whole mechanism is connected by electrical connections. So when the impact sensors around in contact with an exterior element using a great speed this will send an electrical signal to the computer who go engage the airbags. You will understand more easily than the dysfunction on your Volkswagen Caddy, may be from a too low battery problem or a faulty sensor Or a bad contact from electrical connections.

Note: You should know that an airbag warning light that comes on will not prevent you from driving your Volkswagen Caddy . The lights up for information however will not shut down your car's engine. You will be able keep driving like this but your security will be less assured . So don't delay too long for find the origin and fix your airbag warning light problem that lights up.

Now let's take a closer look at the malfunctions that may cause the airbag warning light to activate on the dashboard of your Volkswagen Caddy.

Why does the airbag warning light stay on on my Volkswagen Caddy?

The 1st thing to note is that when you have deactivated the airbag to place a baby seat , he is normal that the light comes on , this tells you its inactivity. For more information regarding the deactivating the airbag on Volkswagen Caddy you can browse the article below: deactivate the Volkswagen Caddy front passenger airbag.

Then when you are not in this case, there is different reasons so that the airbag warning light comes on on your console. That's why we've listed them for you below.

Connection malfunction under the passenger seat on Volkswagen Caddy:

This problem is the most current . It usually happens that with wear and vibration , connections et connections located under the passenger seat of your Volkswagen Caddy oxidize or dissolve . Therefore the computer detects a malfunction and alerts you via the airbag warning light on the console.

Low battery on Volkswagen Caddy which activates the airbag warning light:

The airbag computer measures that there is adequately available electricity to activate the airbags at the right time. So if your battery is weakening progressively because the latter has a longevity around 3 and 5 years, then the computer will alert you if the electricity is not sufficient to activate the airbags.

Airbag control unit damaged after impact on Volkswagen Caddy:

If you have had an accident it is likely that shock sensors are damaged and provide the wrong data to the ECU which activates the airbag warning light from the console of your vehicle. In order to be sure it will be necessary to make electronic diagnosis using a beacon.

When you have a computer problem, you will probably be rather expensive but we recommend that you carry out the repairs in a garage . Indeed when the computer is not replaced correctly, it can provide bad information to the mechanism and it can be risk surtout if it activates in unsuitable circumstances .

Contactor malfunction:

As soon as you observe in addition to a problem of airbag warning light that lights up steering wheel joystick malfunctions your vehicle, it is likely that the problem comes from the contactor. This last possibility is however less common. Again we will advise you to call a professional to repair your contactor problem.

How to deactivate the airbag warning light on my Volkswagen Caddy?

When you have examined why the light comes on on your Volkswagen Caddy , feel free to make the correct repair in order to solve your problem. This way when the problem will be solved cell will turn off the indicator.

Check the condition of the battery on Volkswagen Caddy:

In order to check the state of wear of a battery , you have to equip yourself with a multimeter set to voltmeter . Then it is necessary to open the hood of your Volkswagen Caddy in order to connect the red clamp to the + terminal your battery and the black one on the black terminal . The voltmeter should display at the twelve volt stop.

In case this is not the case then we advise you to change your battery fairly quickly because it is possible to no longer be able to redémarrer with your vehicle if your battery is insufficient.

Repair a bad contact coming from the airbag connections on Volkswagen Caddy:

To fix a connection problem under the passenger seat, start with remove contact of your car. Then we advise you to disconnect the wires from the socket of the electric airbag mechanism. Then check if there is any oxidation , clean inside with a clean cloth . Then you can also help yourself with a pray contact which will improve the electric current transfer . When everything is cleaned up reconnect the connections respecting the basic configuration. Switch the ignition on to your Volkswagen Caddy to start it and see if the light goes out after starting.

Finally: the airbag warning light which remains on on Volkswagen Caddy don't stop you from riding with your car, but it is essential to identify the source of the problem so that the airbag has the possibility of activate when needed.