You had been driving your Renault Kangoo for a few minutes when suddenly a yellow-colored adjustable wrench symbol triggered on your dashboard. It happened suddenly and you don't really know what to do.
The reason for this article is to help you understand what it means this wrench symbol and what you need to do when it lights up on your Renault Kangoo.


What to do when an adjustable wrench light comes on on my Renault Kangoo

Recommendations beforehand to your Renault Kangoo

First of all, it is essential to react to this situation and to try to find the methodology as quickly as possible, and to know why this wrench symbol lit up. It is not advisable in this case to take the wheel again and solve the problem later.
If you are ever near your house, and you don't notice a major problem with your Renault Kangoo, then you can still drive a bit. In most cases this is not a situation of immediate immobilization of your automobile.
It is only advisable to avoid a good number of kilometers when this adjustable wrench symbol lights up on your Renault Kangoo.

Maintenance checks of your Renault Kangoo

The first thing to know if this adjustable wrench indicator appears, this is in the event that the previous service carried out on your Renault Kangoo dates back to.
Logically, this indicator will light up when you are close to the revision date, by a time or kilometer indicator internal to your Renault Kangoo. It determines that it has been about 2 years, or between 25 and 000 km since you carried out the last service.
If ever you do not notice a particular failure when the wrench-shaped indicator light comes on, then that means that you just need a little service, which will probably concern an oil change, spark plugs, brake pads ... or any small change of wearing parts.
Be careful, however, if you ever come out of a revision or that it was carried out a short time ago, and you notice this adjustable wrench symbol on the dashboard of your Renault Kangoo, it may also mean that your mechanic did not remember to reset the service counter.
Since this symbol has so aim to remind you when the time comes to maintain your Renault Kangoo, and your car has a countdown timer that does not automatically reset to 0, the mechanic may not have done so and the light may come on a few days after the service.
In this situation, you have the option to do it yourself, refer to the maintenance manual for your Renault Kangoo, or there is a website on the internet which references the vast majority of car service manuals, with explanations of methods.
Here is the link you will find your manipulation for your Renault Kangoo.

If ever, however, you were not comfortable with these operations on your Renault Kangoo, we recommend that you call the garage which performed your operation, logically they will do this to you for free because they are the ones who forgot.
If, however, you ever notice a malfunction somewhere in your vehicle when this light comes on on your Renault Kangoo, then that's another situation.

The adjustable wrench light comes on on my Renault Kangoo and I observe a malfunction

The role of this warning light is to remind you that there is a service to be done sometimes in order to keep your Renault Kangoo in good working order, but it is also useful for you warn that a mechanical problem has arisen.

The problem in this case is that this symbol may lack precision. This can come from your spark plugs, clogged filters, the EGR valve, etc. The causes can be various.

The best solution when you notice that this adjustable wrench light comes on on your Renault Kangoo, and you notice a small breakdown, it is to call your mechanic so that he can carry out a repair. precise diagnosis what is not working properly on your Renault Kangoo.