The spark plugs on a volvo xc70 are important components especially for petrol engines. This means that it is necessary to maintain them on a regular basis. Even more if you observe signs such as cold start difficulties of your car, it's a first alert that we must not neglect if you don't want to fall in breakdown ou damage your engine. But don't worry about this article we'll get you all explain in detail so that you can know when to change them and rate that must be provided for maintenance on your volvo xc70.


When should the spark plugs be replaced on a volvo xc70?

It exists 2 reasons for which it is necessary to think of replace candles of your volvo xc70, it may be when regular maintenance of the vehicle and so preserve engine components. But you can also meet signs that you alert that they must be replaced and the latter situation is not to be neglected for too long.

Regular maintenance of spark plugs on volvo xc70:

Here it is important to dissociate the petrol engine spark plugs with glow plugs of diesel engines.

Average life of spark plugs in a petrol engine on a volvo xc70:

La average life of spark plugs on volvo xc70, can go up to 60 km. However, it is strongly recommended to do them check at each revision, that is to say around 20 to 30 km or annually. Obviously this will have to be qualified depending on use what you do with your vehicle and the environment in which you ride.

Average life of the glow plugs of a diesel engine on volvo xc70:

For diesel engines the service life is extended because the glow plugs are less used than on gasoline. This way you can change them around 80 000 km and even 100 000 km.

Warning signs of a spark plug change on volvo xc70:

Even if you realize regular maintenance of your volvo xc70, we must remain attentive warning signs an spark plug problem on your car. So if you notice any of the following signs, we advise you to go to your garage to do checking the candles and so avoid a risk of breakdown.

  • When you meet difficulty starting the engineIncluding Cold.
  • Or you may also feel power losses during acceleration indeed sensation of hole when accelerating.
  • You may also see a increased fuel consumption on your vehicle because the gas combustion will no longer be optimal.
  • And also the opaque black smoke could escape from exhaust because the fuel not consumed during combustion will escape in the form of fine particles.

What are the spark plugs for on a volvo xc70?

Le role of candles is not exactly the same on petrol cars and diesel cars. Indeed on gasoline engines candles are essential, you will not be able to démarrer your car without them, so we will talk about "Spark plug". Conversely on diesel a candle problem will return it more difficult start but once heated the motor can run without them, moreover the term used is " Glow plug ". This is why they have longer lifespan.

For understand why you should know that the engines operate by combustion of a mixture of fuel and air. For essences it is necessary to add a spark provided by spark plugs when gas compression so that the explosion who created energy takes place. Conversely for diesel, compression of the mixture raises the temperature and combustion can be created. However when the engine is cold, especially in winter the glow plugs will increase the temperature combustion chambers for facilitate starting the engine from cold.

How to maintain spark plugs on a volvo xc70?

Maintenance of candles on a volvo xc70 is simply regular replacement because they are wearing parts. Indeed like these pieces are subjected to high temperatures the resistance wears out over time. So the latter can no longer provide the required heat for combustion and it is necessary to replace them. You must therefore plan a budget to maintain the spark plugs in your vehicle.

The price of changing spark plugs on volvo xc70:

Know that when you do replace candles on your engine, it is strongly recommended to make the integral change. So if you have a 4 cylinder engine on your volvo xc70, we suggest you to change the 4 candles. This is necessary for maintain balance in your engine.

Average prices for 4 spark plugs on volvo xc70:

For 4 spark plugs you will have to count on average 20 to 30 euros without the installation. And for glow plugs you can find some at 20 euros per unit ou 30 to 40 euros per pair also without labor.

We also recommend that you choose spark plugs according to the instructions given in the maintenance booklet for your volvo xc70. First of all to make sure the decals et dimension but also of the quality in order to preserve your vehicle's engine as much as possible.

Replacement package for spark plugs on volvo xc70:

Le spark plug replacement can be achieved by a professional for a labor package about 40 euros in major automotive brands.

Otherwise you can also carry out repairs yourself for save the cost of labor. However, you must have some basics in mechanics because it is to replace parts at the engine block of your volvo xc70, so this is not not a manipulation without consequences such as replacing the wipers.

To conclude : the maintenance of the spark plugs is very important for your engine especially if you have a petrol engine on your volvo xc70. So be sure to check them on average every 30 000 km and replace them around the 60 000 km and for a motor Diesel you can wait for the 100 000 km. Stay all the same attentive to warning signs.