Your Renault Zoe no longer starts and you have understood that this is due to your immobilizer but you do not fully know how it works or how to find it? We will try to provide you with an answer through this article.
First of all, we will explain to you what its usefulness is and how this famous immobilizer works.


Useful immobilizer on a Renault Zoe:

This of course serves as an anti-theft protection. In fact, it is programmed so that your Renault Zoe can only start if the key with the correct code is used. We remember those films where thieves come into contact with several wires under the dashboard in order to start the engine, so this is impossible with the immobilizer.

Where is the immobilizer code of my Renault Zoe

If you are looking for your immobilizer code, all you need to do is have the maintenance booklet for your Renault Zoe, or the user manual. We can find a complete paragraph dedicated to this immobilizer code for your Renault Zoe. If, however, the immobilizer code of your Renault Zoe is not found in your vehicle identification papers, it is possible by some car garages to deactivate this immobilizer using a suitcase, if you present all the vehicle identification documents. your Renault Zoe.

Immobilizer operation on a Renault Zoe:

To put it simply, we have a transmitter and receiver which go together in order to check the operation and in this way start the engine. The immobilizer has the transmitter, and will therefore issue a code request when the key is used in your Renault Zoe. Imagine this transmitter as a gatekeeper who would ask for an entry code if someone knocked on the door.
This code request reaches the key, which consequently gives a user code. unique and unique to the starting system, and if this code matches, the immobilizer lets the engine start.
The principle is very simple. However, who says double safety also means more possibilities of failures unfortunately.
Here are the different failures that you may face.

Immobilizer faults on my Renault Zoe:

There may be several reasons which would block you from starting up your Renault Zoe, because of the immobilizer. First of all, you simply have the wrong key. It may seem trivial to you, but it does happen!
If you have the right key, you have two options left:
Option n1: it is the transmitter which is in question, therefore the immobilizer. In this situation, it is easy to check whether you have a duplicate of the keys. If with the two keys of your Renault Zoe you have the same problem, in this case it is the immobilizer that is defective and therefore must be repaired or disabled. If you do this, it will be more economical than having to replace it, but your car will be less protected against theft and especially your insurance will not cover you if you ever have your car stolen
Option n2: This comes from the receiver, the key, which has its transponder in bad condition. This can be found for less at a technician than the immobilizer.

If you contact your mechanic, he will of course offer you to tow your Renault Zoe and cost everything, generally expensive, he will not provide you with the code by a simple phone call. For security alone, it is legally impossible to give you the code. You have to send your car.

Here are two links to two different mechanics that can be found online, who will simply repair your parts that no longer work if you send them, and therefore can save you from going to a garage with your car which will inevitably cost you more. expensive.
Make your own calculations and possibly have an estimate made at the garage in order to compare.

Conclusion on the immobilizer of my Renault Zoe:

- As explained in this article, the immobilizer code can be found in the maintenance and identification papers of your Renault Zoe. If you do not have access to them, or they are not there, ask your mechanic if he can bypass this immobilizer using a suitcase.
First, try to analyze where the fault came from on your Renault Zoe. Then act accordingly. It would be a shame to replace the entire immobilizer system when the key is broken.

- Get a quote from a mechanic and then consider an alternative with an online professional, which will usually be more efficient and less expensive.