If you oil sight glass of your Mitsubishi Space star 2 were to light up, you must react very quickly. It implies a possible breakdown which could potentially very quickly damage your car and even directly put you in danger, so be very careful with this warning light.
We want, in this article, to try to bring you an element of answer so that you can know the ins and outs of this light and thus find the solution without problem.


What does the oil sight glass look like?

First, it is essential to know this seer. He's from Red color and represents a burette. Beware of the red lights, this indicates that you must stop your Mitsubishi Space star 2 as soon as possible. To make sure it works, check that it lights up when you turn the key. If it does not light up, then it is unreliable.
Be careful, however, not to confuse this indicator with the almost identical one but of yellow color. This one monitors your oil level.

What is the oil warning light for?

From now on, we will explain to you what it is for and why it is essential. Contrary to what one might think, it does not at all indicate the oil level in your Mitsubishi Space star 2. Its role is to signal a pressure loss of this engine oil, which can very quickly damage and even destroy your engine. This is why as soon as it appears on your dashboard, you must stop your Mitsubishi Space star 2.
Now we will tell you what this oil is used for in the engine. Your engine works with a set of metal parts, which are in constant contact and therefore deteriorate over time. The pressurized oil therefore allows the lubrication of these parts to prevent them from getting damaged. Another function, it will also cool them because they quickly rise in temperature due to friction. Last major role, oil also helps to clean and circulate dirt that can damage your engine.
You must therefore ensure that the engine oil pressure of your Mitsubishi Space star 2 is constantly at its normal threshold. This represents 1 bar at standstill and approximately 5 bars at high speed. Logically, when the pressure does not reach 1 bar, a sensor will detect it and turn on the famous light which should alarm you.

The faults which trigger the lighting of the oil warning light:

Three factors could trigger the lighting of this famous light. First of all, the most plausible, if the oil pump malfunctions. It does not have the ability to maintain oil pressure in the engine. In this situation, we recommend that you go to a garage because only a professional will be able to make this diagnosis exactly on your Mitsubishi Space star 2.
Second point, if you run out of oil, it can cause the pressure to drop. Same logic with low pressure on your Mitsubishi Space star 2, you will see the red light appear. In this case you just need to add oil. Last point, less frequent, a faulty pressure sensor which is no longer able to determine the pressure properly and in fact emits false information. It is also important, in this situation, to call on a professional because he will have the pressure control device and will therefore be able to make an accurate diagnosis of the situation.

Conclusion on the oil light of your Mitsubishi Space star 2:

So you now know the purpose of this indicator light and what the related failures are. We still insist on this point, really be cautious as soon as a red light comes on because it represents an immediate real danger for your Mitsubishi Space star 2 and especially for the passengers.