With the bad weather and morning mist, you want to operate the Front fog lights of your Toyota C-hr , so that you can better to see and also to be seen. The concern is that You do not know how . But don't worry about this article we will explain to you how to start and turn off those fog lights on your car. After that if you are interested we will call back some rules of the road on the activation of the fog lights and what you risk in the event that you do not respect that.


How to fit the front fog lights on Toyota C-hr?

First of all, your Toyota C-hr has different types of headlamps, which we have listed for you below:

  • Position lights or night lights:
    • In order to being seen when the brightness decreases (e.g. in town at night or at the end of the day) but does not allow to see .
  • Then traffic lights or then codes:
    • Give the possibility of see the road at night et to be seen at a limited distance, without dazzling .
  • The Redlights :
    • Destined for see over long distances at night in the event that no motorist arrives on the opposite lane.
  • And finally the fog lights.
    • Usable in case bad weather like heavy rain and using the fog or SNOW .

All will be adjustable with a joystick available on your steering wheel. This can be on the right or on the left depending on the year of manufacture of your Toyota C-hr. This command allows you to simply change the activation of the lights while keeping an eye on the road.

On this controller you will distinguish 2 rings. One at the end that gives you the opportunity to manage the sidelamps and dipped beams . And a second ring in the center of the lever for manage your front and rear fog lights . To help you distinguish them you will find cartoon fire logos on the rings of the lever.

Switch on the fog lights on Toyota C-hr:

In order to fit the fog lights on your Toyota C-hr, you can perform the following operation:

  1. Start on your car,
  2. Start the parking lights while turning one step down the outer ring of the handle.
    • It would be advisable to see the green position light indicator light up on the dashboard
  3. Then spin a second step down the outer ring for start the low beam ,
    • There again green low beam indicator light should come on,
  4. Then use the second ring on the same command and when press down to start the fog lights.
    • When the action has worked you will see appear the fog lights indicator light on the dashboard of your Toyota C-hr.

Notes : it will be important to to distinguish le light fires front and rear fog light .

  • Front fog lights :
    • An oval shape with 3 lines, to the left of the oval shape.
    • The lines are down and a curvy line will be superimposed to represent the mist.
    • Indicator light color: green.
  • Rear fog lights:
    • An oval shape using 3 lines, to the right of the oval shape.
    • The lines are horizontal and a curvy line will be superimposed to represent the mist.
    • Indicator light color: orange.

Deactivate the fog lights on Toyota C-hr:

It will be essential to think about put out fires because otherwise it is possible that you drain your battery and you will no longer be able to restart . If you are in this situation you should recharge your battery using pliers or a mobile battery.

In order to deactivate the fog lights on your Toyota C-hr , you can proceed to the following steps:

  1. On second ring the stalk (the one that allows you to turn on your fog lights) exercise 1 step up ,
    • You will thus see that the front fog light indicator light should go out.
  2. Finally you will always have dipped beam headlights activated therefore it is necessary to climb 2 notches up on the first ring for completely deactivate the lights on your Toyota C-hr.
    • As soon as this is done, all of the lights should go out On your dashboard.

When to start the fog lights on Toyota C-hr?

The use of fog lights must be done only as soon as you drive in the presence of mist , the snow or with heavy rain damage . In all cases, their use must be in addition to high beam .

He's not allowed to make use outside these conditions . Indeed, because they are high intensity lights to to overcome a lack of visibility Their use at night without bad weather or other situation, could dazzle other drivers appearing in front of you on the opposite lane.

So it could be dangerous and can cause an accident of the road. This is why the Traffic Laws states that a fourth category fine or, 135 € could be imposed in the event of non-compliance the use of lights on the road.

To finish: now you know the method to activate the fog lights on your Toyota C-hr , however beware to put them in place at an appropriate time otherwise you could create a accident or then have a fine .