Would you like to know how to deactivate traction control on your Audi Q5 ? Indeed, this mechanism aims to manage the situations dangerous. That said if you are stuck in the snow or mud or when you want to push back limits of your automobile, it may be necessary to deactivate . However, we are going just before, to remind you rather quickly of his role et its operation. This will allow you to better understand how il activates on your car. After that we will inform you if it is possible to ride without traction control on an Audi Q5 and the method to disable it .

deactivate-traction control-audi-q5

What is the role of traction control on an Audi Q5?

Traction control is a assistance . It allows the driver to detect a acceleration rapid one or more wheels. And still to control a loss of grip tires. Thus, this driving aid will be able to anticipate loss of control et road exits by readjusting the transmission speed to the wheels.

How do you recognize a skating Audi Q5?

When the wheels of your Audi Q5 slide, this implies that the tires of drive wheels do not adhere more suitably bitumen. This happens especially if you accelerate quickly on a road slippery when he SNOW or ice . In general you may be faced with this kind of context in start-up of your automobile. However, this effect can quickly lead to loss of control of your automobile.

However, when you are stuck in the mud the effect of skating of the wheels associated with pulling your automobile may prove to be beneficial. Therefore in this case it may be interesting to deactivate traction control.

How the traction control works on Audi Q5:

Traction control brings together a together de systems driving assistance. So it will generally be associated with ESP et ABS compared to the engine power of your Audi Q5. Indeed, on bigger engines the assistance is more important. In particular because acceleration sudden, loss of control are more common than on small engines. But on these models athletes you will be able to access the deactivation of assistance .

So, on an Audi Q5 are placed a number of sensors . These will allow calculate la speed wheels but also their path et adhesion bitumen. Thus, the sensors will detect the powerful wheel acceleration, then analyze the adhesion of the tires to the road. Or, observe an inconsistency in speed between the wheels if one of them slips. When this data is transmitted, assistance will stop the speed transmission on the wheels. This makes it possible to reduce the speed of the wheels which skate so as not to lose control of the vehicle.

Associated with this operation you will therefore have ESP which has the role of preserving the path of the car by controlling the force of braking wheels. And at the same time ABS to avoid the blocking of the wheels during emergency braking.

Can we drive without traction control on Audi Q5?

Traction control is a can help , so it is possible to drive without this mechanism. But this increases very strongly your chances of causing a accident of the road. Therefore before removing it it is essential to understand when it snaps into place on your Audi Q5 in order to know whether it is essential to deactivate it.

When is the traction control system triggered on an Audi Q5?

Traction control is activated automatically when the data supplied by the sensors indicate a potential loss of control. Therefore when you are driving in good weather conditions it will not engage. Moreover when it activates you will be able to see the ESP light flash On your dashboard.

On the other hand, if the latter remains fixed, this means that the traction control is disabled. It may be related to dysfunction at the sensors. In the event that they are no longer able to send the essential data to activation driving assistance. In this specific case, it would be advisable to go see a professional as soon as you can.

To deactivate the traction control of an Audi Q5:

So if you want disable traction control , it will be necessary to identify the button with traction control icon. This is located in the passenger compartment of your Audi Q5 and is most often installed at the level of the consul . You will be able to spot it relatively easily, with the symbol of a car followed by two winding lines to evoke a loss of control. To help you locate the button better, you can also look at the user guide for your Audi Q5.

To conclude : Traction control on an Audi Q5 is a driving support mechanism that strengthens your security when you are driving. Therefore, it is not recommended to disable this system. Mainly because it will only activate in dangerous conditions on the road. You will therefore commit your Responsibility Law then accident .