In our time, we find electric windows in most recent vehicles, and on newer Renault Espace 4 models. It is easy to admit that this is very practical, allowing us to open and close the windows quickly to ventilate the vehicle. This also represents an important role in terms of security, quite simply because we can close the windows of our Renault Espace 4 easily in case of danger. But here's the rub, with so many electric windows, necessarily mechanical breakdowns. It may take a little time, but you can do it yourself, with a little patience. In this article we want to help you find the fuses that power the window regulators in your Renault Espace 4 so you can change them. We wrote a paragraph devoted to their position and manipulation, then later a second paragraph to other possible failures on your Renault Espace 4 if it did not come from the fuses of the electric windows.find-fuse-glass-renault-space-4

Location of the window fuses in my Renault Espace 4

First of all, here is some important information about fuses and how they work. The value of the fuse is appropriate with respect to the ability of the wires to withstand the current passing through them, it will burn out and thus shut off the current before the wires of the components of your Renault Espace 4 burn. This means that if you want to put a fuse on your Renault Espace 4 with a higher resistance because the one in place always blows after being installed, by increasing the resistance of the fuse, you run the risk that it is unnecessary and that, as a consequence it is the electronic components of your Renault Espace 4 which burn out instead.
We recommend that you check the guide for your Renault Espace 4 to check the value of the current consumption required for the operation of your electric windows.
The window winder fuses of your Renault Espace 4 (and all fuses in general) work as follows, the larger the wire, the lower its resistance, the more current will flow (ampere).
The resistance of a fuse is therefore directly related to its diameter, its length, its component (copper) and its insulation capacity. It will thus burn when the heat created by the current is too great and therefore cut off the current supply.
On certain models of Renault Espace 4, compared to the year, obviously you would not have fuses if your Renault Espace 4 still had a manual closing of the windows.
Otherwise, the guide for your Renault Espace 4 will be able to help you find the exact position of the window regulator fuses. In this manual you will find pages dedicated to the positions of the fuses, with the corresponding titles. Identify those linked to closing the windows of your Renault Espace 4.
The individual window closing fuses are numbered to make sorting easier for you thanks to a reference list which is numbered. This will allow you to know which fuse protects which circuit.
If, however, they are not numbered, it is of course possible to take each fuse of your Renault Espace 4 one by one and using a multimeter, make sure that a current passes through the fuse. The multimeter works by a simple principle, with a plus terminal and a minus terminal, it passes an intensity of current through a body. If you position the plus terminal on one side of the car radio fuse and the minus terminal on the other side, you will be able to check whether current can flow. If there is no current, then the fuse of the electric windows in your Renault Espace 4 has blown.
If you do not have user manual, you have several possibilities to find the electric window fuses on your Renault Espace 4. To the left of the steering wheel you will see a small hatch a little lower, which you can remove by hand. Otherwise, you will find them under the radio part of your Renault Espace 4 in the center of the passenger compartment. Last option, they are located under the glove box, which you can reach by hand by removing a protective plastic cover.
In order to help you, we have also produced an article intended for fuses and their handling on a Renault Espace 4, which will certainly help you find the electric window fuse:
- Where to find the fuse box on a Renault Espace 4

Other potential faults in the electric windows of your Renault Espace 4

If, however, the fault did not come from the window regulator fuses of your Renault Espace 4, here are the other possible faults. To get started, you need to check the control panel where the opening buttons are placed. They are usually located to your left or between the seats of your Renault Espace 4.
Take it out of its base in order to gain access to the cables placed underneath. If you don't see any unplugged, and nothing looks strange, remove the plastic part that serves as protection for the electrical circuit, and check if nothing is unsoldered. You can perform the same operation on the door of your Renault Espace 4, but it will be longer and tedious, be patient.
From there you should be able to access the motor that operates the opening of your windows, and thus see what it looks like, if the cables are damaged.
Important note: if when you press the window button on your Renault Espace 4, that you hear the sound of actuation, but nothing happens, then this means that the engine is running, that the fuses are in fact in place, but that the cables supposed to open the window are cut. You will therefore have to dismantle your door to be able to reach them on your Renault Espace 4 and thus repair them.
If, however, you hear a click of the engine cranking, nothing happens, and tapping on the door causes the window to drop / raise, then it's your turn. engine which does not work.