La emptying is part of regular maintenance of a car. So when you want do it yourself , it is necessary know how many liters of oil you will have to use for your Renault Trafic . It is to do this that in this article we will explain what it will take prepare for a drain et why this is important . Then we will also explain several tips especially to know how to choose engine oil and average price a can for one Renault Traffic.
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How many liters of oil do I need to change my Renault Trafic?

Knowing how many liters of engine oil are needed for your Renault Trafic is useful because it allows you on the one hand to do the drain by yourself. But also of check the engine oil level and top up .

Indeed the emptying must be carried out on average every 20 km or at least once a year . So this can represent a some economy especially on labor costs . However, it is useful that your car is checked at least once every 2 years by your mechanic. The oil change is not the only maintenance to be performed on your car , it will also be necessary to check the brake pads ... Moreover it is particularly advisable de overhaul your car before technical control that you must complete every 2 years.

En average it is necessary to prepare a 5 liter container for emptying your Renault Trafic . Cans of 1 liter and even 2 liters are reserved to top up . It is not advisable to take this type of product for an oil change will not be enough. In case you want more of information do not hesitate to also consult the maintenance booklet for your Renault Trafic.

What is the engine oil for a Renault Trafic used for?

Le role of engine oil in your Renault Trafic is essential because it allows to lubricate the cogs of the engine . Specifically, the oil will protect your engine from friction . She also goes clean the engine of metal particles who could come stop the mechanism . Therefore, without engine oil, or if it is waste then the engine components likely from rub et cause the engine to overheat .

So if she is not maintained , eventually your engine will be damaged more quickly . And you are going to have to change parts that you will be expensive.

Tips for changing the engine oil on a Renault Trafic:

Now that you have information on the amount of oil needed for your engine , it is useful to know the technique to choose it . And also how much the container will cost you on average to perform the oil change on your Renault Trafic .

How to choose engine oil for a Renault Trafic?

As soon as you want change your Renault Trafic oil by yourself , it is necessary that do not choose just any engine oil . And yes the oil quality can vary greatly from one oil to another. And logically, your vehicle must have a certain quality depending on the engine installed on your vehicle . The point of attention must be bear on the viscosity of the oil . In case you have a sport version , viscosity must be adequate because the engine will climb faster in the towers and will need to be then lubricated.

Choose the oil viscosity for a Renault Trafic:

So you will have noticed, the most an essential for select the correct engine oil and viscosity. To know the viscosity a can of oil, you will need to check its technical characteristics . For each brand of oil you should read something like "5w30" or even "10w40" . The first number symbolizes its ability to circulate cold in your engine. The higher the number lower, the more fluid and efficient it will be when cold. And the secondary is the opposite, it symbolizes the ability to grease your engine under high temperatures . Therefore the higher it is, the more it will be resistant.

The type of oil for a Renault Trafic:

Then you will also hear about mineral, synthetic, semi-synthetic oil. A mineral will be suitable for a occasional and smooth driving . If you have a sporty driving or that you drive mainly in town, it is recommended rather choose a semi-synthetic oil . The latter will better protect your engine. And finally synthetic oil is meanwhile reserved for regular users who often use Highway ...

How many liters of oil for my Renault Trafic

In short : if you drive often and a new vehicle that you wish then keep, an oil synthetic with a viscosity of 5W30 would be adequate.

If you are unable to to choose, we advise you purchase the same oil used for your vehicle . To find out the corresponding brand, you can consult the maintenance booklet for your Renault Trafic.

How much does a can of engine oil cost for Renault Trafic on average?

As indicated above, the oil should be selected according to the engine installed on your Renault Trafic. If you have the sport version, engine oil will cost more because it will be acrylic powder . It will take provide between 30 and 50 euros for a 5 liter 5w30 can.

You should also know that in major automotive brands you can ask an oil change package including replacement oil, the oil filter but also the recycling of used oil around 50 or even 100 euros depending on the oil used.

To conclude : engine oil is particularly important for the good maintenance of your Renault Trafic . It is for this reason that it will need to be maintained every year. Therefore know the amount of oil your engine needs will give you the opportunity to check levels but also do the drain yourself.