The bulb of a night light no longer works on your Citroen Jumper 2, this is why you would like to know how to replace it? In fact, it is important not to dismiss this hassle. On the one hand because you will not succeed technical control and that you will risk a fine of 68 euros. Or because it could represent a risk for your visibility and that of other drivers. So it is for these reasons that in this article, we will start by detailing how to replace the bulb on your Citroen Jumper 2. Then we will also detail other advice. For exemple the price a replacement at the garage. As how to choose your bulb.


The steps to change the bulb of a night light on a Citroen Jumper 2:

The role of a nightlight or position light on your Citroen Jumper 2 is mainly to make you visible for other motorists. Your automobile has 4, ie 2 at the front and 2 at the rear. They must be activated when the visibility is limited . Mainly at night and also in bad weather.

If it happens that one of the bulbs no longer works on your automobile, you may be perceived as a two-wheeled vehicle. As a result, it is therefore very dangerous. However, don't panic, it will be quite easy to fix it yourself.

Locate the blown bulb on the optical unit of your Citroen Jumper 2:

Whether it is a light at the front or at the rear of your Citroen Jumper 2. We recommend that you first of all before disassembling the parts, identify the position of the faulty bulb. This will help you in the rest of the procedure. Thus, you can take a photo of the optical unit to obtain a visual mark of the deteriorated bulb.

When you realize this, you can turn off the headlights et remove the key from the ignition if you want to continue handling in a safe manner.

Access the night light bulb on your Citroen Jumper 2:

For bulb change on the front of your Citroen Jumper 2 or on the rear, it's the same method. Your optical unit is held by screws that you can remove without too much difficulty. It is possible to carry out the repair without having to remove the entire optical unit. However, doing it will allow you to have more space so you will have less difficulty. Once you have removed the screws from the optical unit, you will need to disconnect the plug which supplies the headlights with electricity. This is why it is preferable that the keys are not at the level of the vehicle ignition. After that you will have to unclip the support plastic that insulates the bulbs. Be careful not to damage the fasteners. Finally, you will access the different bulbs of the optical unit.

Replace the position light bulb on your Citroen Jumper 2:

  1. As soon as you have spotted the position light bulb of your Citroen Jumper 2. You will notice that this one has a security. Sometimes you will find a crochet maintenance. Otherwise, the bulb is simply hold by pressure in its base.
  2. In this case, it will be necessary to press lightly on the bulb to release the pressure and thus remove it.
  3. Finally, you must turn the bulb a quarter of a turn to extract it from its support. Then fit the new bulb by performing the same manipulation but in the other direction.
  4. Do not forget to reposition the insulating cover, making sure to properly clip the plastic fasteners.
  5. reconnect the electric plug.
  6. And to conclude, reattach the optical unit on your Citroen Jumper 2 and check if the manipulation worked by switching on the headlights.

Other tips for changing a night light bulb on a Citroen Jumper 2

In addition to handling for change a bulb on a Citroen Jumper 2, we will also provide you a few tips about these bulbs. As an example, we will detail you how to choose the bulb for your vehicle, and where to get it. However, if you are not very handy, we will also detail you the prices in order to effect the change at a mechanic's.

How to choose the bulb of a night light for a Citroen Jumper 2?

You should already not buy the wrong bulb for your Citroen Jumper 2. If they do not match, you will not be able to fix them on the optical unit support. Usually these are bulbs W5W 12V for the front position lights and R5W 12V for the headlights placed at the rear. However, if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to explore the maintenance booklet for your vehicle.

You can get this type of equipment in large brands such as Feu Vert or Norauto. We recommend that you take an additional set that you can keep in the glove box of your Citroen Jumper 2 just in case.

The price of a bulb replacement at a professional:

Prices may change from one garage to another. Nevertheless, it takes on average €10 in order to pay for the labor of changing the bulb. To this it will naturally be necessary to add the bulb price.

To finish: replace the bulb of a pilot light on a Citroen Jumper 2 is not complicated to do yourself. This will save the cost of labor. And this will also allow you to know how to change it in the event that it burns during a night trip. Indeed, it can be dangerous to drive when a bulb in your headlights is no longer working.